& Publication HEART #10

 Annette Opalczynski

New Castle, Delaware

Poem:  Death Vacation

Honorable Mentions & Publication HEART #10

Annette Opalczynski ~ New Castle, Delaware

Red Bird of Winter

Adrian S. Potter ~ Minnetonka, Minnesota


Patty Tancyus ~ Afton, Virginia

Ballet Lessons

Keeping Time

14 Poets entered 40 poems

Entry reserved copy of HEART #10

 Publication expected by end of May, 2015


Connie L. Martin, Editor

Nostalgia Press ~ 115 Randazzo Ct. ~ Elloree, SC 29047


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HEART #10 - Spring 2015

Prefer modern prose, creative, reflective lines, quietly nostalgic, passionate, wistful words from the heart.  Not too long, but long enough reach and touch.    Not too wordy, make your point, challenge your reader to recognize, but not struggle, to understand and share your feelings. Submit one or several poems, Email or mail;

Include SASE If need returned.   Payment varies.    Email submissions to Connie Martin, Editor

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