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Ruth Hill - Chetwynd, BC -Canada

“I like complicated thoughts expressed in simple terms.” ~Ruth Hill

Ruth was born and educated in upstate New York. Ruth wanted adventure, so she explored the Adirondacks, Appalachia, and Alaska. She sailed British Columbia, and worked for BC Lightstations and the BC Forest Service. She became a Design Engineer. She is a lifelong dedicated tutor, and enjoys spoken word.
   “Language is more than language to me. Inside a poem is a great artistic painting. There can be color, focus, perspective, and action.  I enjoy freedom. I like breaking all the rules. I like mixing up multiple metaphors and using words with many connotations. I like free word association. I like complicated thoughts expressed in simple terms. I write poems that are not clearly defined, like riddles, to stimulate the reader’s imagination. Poetry allows sentence structure to be jumbled, pared down, expanded, or jettisoned.
   “Sight and sound are not enough. Poetry has to have philosophy, too. I have noticed poets I am most attracted to have pleasing philosophies. They make me feel like I belong on Earth, not an alien in a foreign country. If someone likes something that I wrote, I feel as if I were invisible and am now seen, silent and can now speak, exiled but am now welcome. A reader on the same wavelength is the most important validation. If I met you in person I would be looking down and shifting my feet, but in a poem I can be the real me.”
In her first three years of writing, Ruth has won contests and had many poems published. She uses poetry readings as her new excuse to travel."


Temple Cone was the 2008 winner of HEART POETRY AWARD and appeared in Heart No. 3 View Issues & Writerswhich you may read under "View Issues & Writers" link.  As you can see from this current photo, he has cut off his youthful curls since 2008.  Temple is the author of three books of poetry: That Singing, from March Street Press (2011); The Broken Meadow, which received the 2010 Old Seventy Creek Poetry Press Series Prize; and No Loneliness, which received the 2009 FutureCycle Press Poetry Book Prize.  He has also published six poetry chapbooks. An associate professor of English at the U.S. Naval Academy, he lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

Links to many of his poems are on his website:


HEART POETRY AWARD $500 - Fall 2008   See HEART #4
by Elizabeth Thomas
Columbia, Connecticut
   "I was working in an insurance company (fixing computers) and at 35, decided to take a college poetry class. It completely rocked my world. About 5 years later, I left my secure, well-paying job and began a new life, teaching young people about the power of both written and spoken word. I have never regretted the decision." Elizabeth has authored three poetry collections. She has read her work throughout the United States and has been a member of three Connecticut National Poetry Slam teams. In 1998 she was a member of the U.S. team that traveled to Sweden. As a devoted advocate of the arts and teacher, Elizabeth designs and teaches writing programs for schools and organizations in many parts of the country. These programs promote literacy and the power of the written and spoken word. As an outstanding advocate of youth in the arts, Elizabeth Thomas is a coach and organizer with Brave New Voices: International Youth Poetry Slam and Festival.
She is also the founder of UpWords Poetry, a company dedicated to promoting programs for young writers and educators, based on the belief that poetry is meant to be heard out loud and in person. She hosts a website at

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